Hello All,

I’m sure some of you have wondered what is going on with the Masonhoops.com “front page”, after not having updates for quite some time. I figured it makes sense to let you all know what has not been happening and what IS going to happen in the near future, and why.

We’ve run this site in one arrangement or another since 1998, first as masonhoops.com, then as dcmetrohoops, caazone, and back to masonhoops. It’s been an awesome ride. During the way, we pioneered some media formats that were before their time – including video of postgame news conferences, video of tournament postgame conferences, a CAA podcast, and have had incredible contributions from some great writers along the way. Much of this before social media became such a force. So, I consider this year as our 20th anniversary as a website and community.

Some of you are probably aware that 2017 was a crazy year for me personally. I survived (with the help of many others) a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) at the age of 46, while commuting to work at the Pentagon on January 31st of that year. It’s been a long recovery, to say the least – but the good news is that it’s been a nearly full recovery and I don’t have any lasting damage that some SCA survivors experience. For that, I thank the good samaritans, Metro police, EMS and medical doctors and nurses, who helped me so quickly.

Anyway, I don’t bring this up for sympathy – I bring this up to be open with you all regarding the reasons why the site had no one at the wheel for a year or so. Life happens, and we all do our best to deal with it.

The great news is that I’m ready to attack this again with the same passion as a Jim Larranaga-led Green Team. You’ll see some upgrades and changes coming, including a new design for the “front page” of the site. The boards will likely be unchanged in this process, unless there are good suggestions from you all for improvements.

I’d like to thank Alan Kelly (@MasonFanatic) for his writing over the past few years. I hope he considers continuing contributing, even though it’s tough to do on top of a career and family. I very much respect and appreciate his help. Scythe also deserves many thanks for helping with the configuration of the site to better withstand rented DDOS attacks from fans of other schools and even our own Mason fans on some occasions.

Lastly, I’d like to thank YOU for being a part of this community. What kinds of improvements would you like to see? Would you like to write for the site? Please let me know at chris@caazone.com (yes, I need to get @masonhoops emails working). I look forward to another great season of discussions and smack talk as we follow our Patriots!

All the best,

Chris Metsala