Reflecting on GMU’s Shiniest Moment

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George-Mason-mascotThe Fairfax Times just posted a solid retrospective on the 2006 run to the Final Four.  Perfect timing as we sit refreshing news sources and the message boards for news out of the Athletic Department.  Among the reflections and quotes were the usual ones, but there were a few that stood out illustrating just how long it’s been since those memories were forged and how much it does still mean to the students.

The Final Four remains a touchstone for George Mason University, but it is literally half a lifetime away from current freshman students.

One group of freshmen and sophomores sat in green-and-gold shirts taking in the game. They all had been in fourth or fifth grade for the 2006 NCAA tournament. Some had vague recollections of the Patriots’ improbable success, others none at all.

This year’s men’s basketball team lost 67-51 to George Washington in its home finale, then a week later lost to Fordham in the Atlantic 10 tournament to end its season 9-22 overall.

Even among the students at the final home game, though, students who could barely remember when the Patriots enchanted the country in 2006, the Final Four magic remained.

“The Final Four gave us a sense of pride,” said Kailee Tanner, a freshman from Connecticut. “I just got here and I still feel it.”

Yousef Mouchkelly, a sophomore from Loudoun County, agreed: “The Final Four kind of woke people up – students and the whole country – to what George Mason could do.”

Read more here: Fairfax Times

About - Chris Metsala is a George Mason alumnus and was one of the founders of the original site in 1998, which later became Chris has attended almost every home game and CAA Tournament from the Ernie Nestor years to present, and covered the team during the 2006 Final Four run. He currently lives in Northern Virginia.

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