GW Hatchet Gets Chippy, Wants Students to Hate GMU

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Did GW’s school newsrag “The Hatchet” post a commentary piece calling for “nastiness” and “hate” towards George Mason, in the name of building a new rivalry?

…  sort of, but not really.



The article says GW needs an “A10 conference rival to hate”, lamenting that Georgetown isn’t in the A10 and “not a legitimate rival, despite the number GW students with rejection letters”.

We hoped for a little more while starting to read this commentary, surely there would be a jab in the ribs or a stick in the eye to get things started.  Unfortunately, it was a well-meaning call for action rallying the troops to not “be afraid get aggressive and create a home field advantage for GW athletics”.   Boooo.

They did get one thing right:

“This rivalry will take time to develop – and students shouldn’t reject forming new traditions.”

Clearly we, the Mason faithful, must step up our game.  Our rivalry with James Madison is over, having left them behind in the CAA.  Sure there will always be the odd matchup from season to season due to proximity and “nostalgia”, but it will never be the same.

Now is the time for us to cultivate a healthy dislike for all things “buff and blue”.  WTF is “buff”, anyway?

“Buff is the pale yellow-brown colour of the un-dyed leather of several animals” – Wikipedia

Whatever floats your boat, hipsters.   We need to start a GW Photo Thread on the boards to show ’em how its done.

via The Hatchet – “Time to Hate George Mason”

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