The Johns Hopkins Blue Jays come to Fairfax tonight for an exhibition game with the Patriots, just having been named as the preseason #15 team in NCAA Division III and the preseason pick to win the Centennial Conference. Five seniors and two juniors give Hopkins experience and consistency, scoring 71.6 per game last season and shooting 44.9% from the field.

John Hopkins is a Division 3 school in this sport (as well as others).

Hopkins finished the 2017-18 season with a 24-5 record, 15-3 in the Centennial Conference, and 10-3 on the road. The schedule from last season is here:

Last season’s stats for Hopkins is here:
This season’s roster for Hopkins is here:

Michael Gardner averaged 14.2 PPG last season, and Conner Delaney averaged 10.7 PPG last season.

– Washingtonian

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