Dime Mag Q&A with Lamar Butler

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butler-sicoverDime Magazine has posted a lengthy Q&A with Lamar Butler that covers topics from his experiences at George Mason, both at school and on the court. Lamar talks about his role on the Final Four team, as well as his time playing ball at the professional level in Europe and the D-League.

Some highlights:

Dime: Now you guys beat these teams and reach the Elite Eight where you have to play a UConn team that was tabbed the team to beat in the NCAA Tournament. How was it going into that game?
LB: It was big as you probably know. We never played them and they were loaded with NBA talent and we didn’t see any weaknesses in film. But when we got to the arena, we noticed that they were not interacting with each other. When you saw us we were always laughing and joking with each other whereas they were a bunch of individuals. That was the weakness we saw, we even talked about it before the game. It was just something we sensed. We knew we were the closer team. We just had to play together for 40 minutes and we would be fine. That was the biggest thing we saw on media day.

Dime: Unfortunately, you guys lost to the Florida Gators. Do you remember what went wrong in that game?
LB: We had a couple bad rotations. But honestly, that game I knew whoever won that game was going to win the national championship. Did I think Florida was gonna beat us by 30? No. But, we watched UCLA play, we watched LSU play and we knew our teams were the better teams of the tournament. But, I really blocked that game out. I have the film but I won’t watch it.

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