Dayton Moore prioritizes defense, leads KC Royals to 2 straight pennants

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Prior to the Kansas City Royals’ ALCS-clinching win over the Toronto Blue Jays last night, The Washington Post’s Adam Kilgore wrote a column about the success of Royals GM Dayton Moore. The former George Mason baseball player and assistant coach used limited resources to build the Royals into a contender and win back-to-back AL pennants.

TORONTO – There are no perfect baseball players. Dayton Moore started with that inviolable truth when he took over as general manager of the Kansas City Royals. There are mediocre players with clear deficiencies, good players with subtle flaws and great players who are too expensive, especially in a small market such as Kansas City. Moore knew he needed to align priorities in order to maximize the Royals’ roster, to figure out how to build a contender with limited resources and undervalued assets.

Books have been authored written about similar baseball executives solving similar challenges. The Royals receive little credit as innovators, but their plan and execution has been impeccable.

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