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Welcome Tyler Kolek

Discussion in 'George Mason Basketball' started by dr. gunnie, Sep 15, 2019.

  1. FreeGunston12

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    Not to be lost in the frustration, Kolek is the best outlet/over the top passer I can remember watching at Mason already. Did he play quarterback or something?
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  2. Patriotsince81

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    11 games into his Mason career Tyler is averaging 10.7 points per game on 42.3% shooting and 35.1% from 3. He has 24 assists to 16 TO's. He is 2nd on the team with 16 steals and is pulling down 3.1 rebounds per contest.

    It is going to be fun to watch Tyler grow as a player. Against NSU, UMass, Dayton, and VCU he really had his coming out party. He averaged 16.8 points, 2.75 reb, 2.25 assists, and 2 TO per game. Coaches in the A10 aren't stupid so I expected them to adjust to him and plan for him which they have. The last two games have seen his scoring drop to 6 points per game. But, the kid is patient and lets the game come to him which is rare for a freshman. The future is incredibly bright for this young man. He really understand the game. I hope he is ready to step up even more knowing that he is now a point of focus.
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