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Welcome Jarred Reuter

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by p8triotfan4life, May 1, 2017.

  1. Mason2005

    Mason2005 Starter

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    Danny didn't even redshirt and sat on bench for 2 seasons, so very unlikely Troy decides to redshirt.

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  2. sleeperpick

    sleeperpick Sixth Man

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    I have a feeling all of this is going to happen ^ whether he redshirts or not but we will see
  3. DJ3

    DJ3 Starter

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    Interesting thought, I never thought of that logic before. But I could imagine coaches having a slight twist to this thought. Maybe they know their recruit will be a grad transfer but is ok with that because three years of playing is better than 0.

    For instance player X is reluctant to sign with a mid-major and redshirt. Coach says, "I promise if you sit out this year, I can develop you into a beast. If your not happy with my work you will have a year of eligibility remaining and perhaps you could even play for a p5 school."
    Just a thought.
  4. Washingtonian

    Washingtonian All-American

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  5. GSII

    GSII All-American

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    I saw this on Twitter back in March. How dare you post this...didn't you get the memo on posting links that have been on twitter....sheesh.

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