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Two years of Brad Edwards

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Herndon, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. Vurbel

    Vurbel Hall of Famer

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    Wow. With that you can pay for scholarships for The entire offensive line for a year!

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  2. MasonSAE4

    MasonSAE4 Starter

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    Not sure what thread I should ask in but can someone smarter than I explain to me where Mason is coming up with the "Athletic institutonal value" of the F4 run being $670,000,000? That number is literally a new football program with 40,000 seat stadium, new arena, new stand alone practice facility and a wealth of other upgrades, both it terms of facilities and salaries. The number was published in the last BOV report. I know the F4 run was measured in terms of free publicity as well but 2/3 of a billion?
  3. gmujim92

    gmujim92 Hall of Famer

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    It's not a real number. But if the athletic department can use it to justify spending more on basketball, I'm good with it.
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  4. psyclone

    psyclone All-Conference

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    Among other things, I think they counted the number of times Mason appeared on the front page of hundreds of newspapers and many websites and what it would have cost to buy ad space on those pages. It really was an amazing couple of weeks. I remember some faculty commenting that when they went to conferences overseas the next few months those scholars from the host country were always mentioning the Final Four, whether they were fans or not. At any rate, the vast majority of that big number was unspendable free publicity.
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  5. Five Two

    Five Two Starter

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    Basically, if the school had to buy all those media placements in March of 2006, it would have cost $670M

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