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State of the Program - Part 1

Discussion in 'George Mason Basketball' started by Patriotsince81, Mar 8, 2020.

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    You are what your record and the numbers say you are. We were 5-13 for the year in conference, good for a 12th place finish. Would Kier and Boyd have made a difference? Yes. Enough to turn the season around? Who knows? 8 of our 13 conference losses were by 10 or more points. A 9th loss was by 9. It’s hard to say we were competitive in league play.

    There are 14 A10 teams. We finished 12th in offense with 66.8 ppg. 9th in defense with 67.7 ppg allowed. 11th in field goal percentage at 42.2%. 11th in defensive field goal percentage allowed at 43.6%. 13th in 3 point percentage at 30.6%. 8th in free throw percentage at 69.6%. 12th in turnovers per game with an average of 12.9. 14th in assist to turnover ratio at .79. All of those numbers point to a team that isn’t very good. Individually and collectively there is a lot of work to be done to get out of the cellar and the PIG.

    DP’s career at Mason is also what the numbers say it is. He is 81-82 overall. 48-35 at home. I am not happy losing an average of 7 home games per year, I don’t know about the rest of you. He is 39-51 in A10 play. He is 3-4 in A10 Tournament play. We have not sniffed a semifinal or final appearance in the A10 tourney. In my mind his career at GMU has been a disaster. He has failed to keep any of the promises he made when hired. I would like to see him go now, although I’m pretty sure that will not happen. We’ve been beating that dead horse for months.

    Part II. Players.
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