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So... Too Early to Talk About Next Year?

Discussion in 'George Mason Basketball' started by Pikapppatri8, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. sleeperpick

    sleeperpick Hall of Famer

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    Pat Dome
    our defense with the same dudes this year will do a 180 and Oduro can start playing inside without helping much? dream on that is not what the roster dictates at all. same roster similar shitty defense next year too
  2. GMUgemini

    GMUgemini Hall of Famer

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    It's not the same roster. We've got 3 new guards coming in (Polite, Frazier, and Kolek) in addition to getting 2 guards who were hurt all year back (Dady, Boyd). That's 5 new perimeter players we didn't have last year.
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  3. tblack33

    tblack33 All-Conference

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    No one on this board forgets about practice. Dave won’t let us. All we have heard for 5 years is what great practices we have had, so if that’s not the case then I don’t know what to say anymore.
  4. Dawgs99

    Dawgs99 Starter

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    Forget DP's coach speak nonsense....13 Scholarship players> 8 scholarship players when it comes to practice. I don't give a shit what DP says.
  5. Five Two

    Five Two All-American

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