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Question Regarding Televised Games

Discussion in 'George Mason Basketball' started by ephoops, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. ephoops

    ephoops Sixth Man

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    As a Williams grad who has followed DP's career, I am interested in watching the team play this season.

    I noticed on the A-10 website that you can purchase access to view the games on a computer.

    Is it also possible to view the games on TV with a Roku? I searched the Roku site and did not see an A-10 channel. When DP coached at Bucknell, the Patriot League had a channel on Roku. It was a nice feature that allowed watching games on a larger TV screen rather that a small computer screen.

    I'm trying to figure out what my options are for viewing games.

    Thanks for any info on this.
  2. Washingtonian

    Washingtonian Hall of Famer

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    I watched some of the road games that were not televised via the A-10 website on my computer. The quality varied by school.
  3. MasonFanatic

    MasonFanatic All-Conference

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    Some of the schools in the A10 provide their A10 Network streams for free. I know Duquesne is one of them. Maybe St. Bona and Fordham as well. So you should be able to test your setup using one of their live broadcasts, before you commit any money to a subscription.
  4. Herndon

    Herndon Starter

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    If you get a chance, watch the Duquesne broadcast. Their broadcast team is GREAT. I was in stitches, and wildly entertained for that game, and it was a BAD game.
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