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Discussion in 'Basketball' started by By George., Oct 31, 2017.

  1. patriotchild

    patriotchild Sixth Man

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    Figured I’d bump this since we are getting a lot of prediction discussion in the URI game thread and now we have more info to make conference predictions.

    3-4 conference wins seems like a real possibility given our ooc play and the 8 man roster.

    However, I could also see us having a strong showing and getting to 9 wins given that we got a weak schedule and the conference is weak.

    Games that I think are probably losses: URI, Bona, VCU x2 = 4

    Probable wins: none, nothing is a lock this year

    I have no fing clue: the rest = 14

    Given that the conference is out of wack overall I’m gonna guess/hope we come out with 7 conference wins.

    Would be very disappointing to have under 5, even with a limited roster.
  2. GMUgemini

    GMUgemini Hall of Famer

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    I'm sticking with my prediction that we go 8-10.

    We will probably start off 0-3, though (2 road games and then Payton Aldridge at home doesn't look too good).
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  3. Washingtonian

    Washingtonian All-American

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    I think we will beat someone that no one expects, either Rhode Island, Bonaventure or VCU. The way college basketball is, anything can happen on any given night, and there have been plenty of upsets this year and some close calls (Portland State is one example).

    I think Richmond will be a split, despite recent tradition.
  4. patriotchild

    patriotchild Sixth Man

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    Yeah I was thinking that too. Although, we actually match up pretty well with URI on paper, i think it’s too early in the season to have all the guys adjusted. I figure if we steal one of these it will most likely be VCU since we get them twice and they have a new coach who is still trying to figure out the A-10.
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  5. Jack Strop

    Jack Strop Starter

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    Alexandria • Virginia
    Mason will get hot for a couple of games and have at least one minor upset.

    • Split vs. UMass, GW, & Richmond
    • Wins @ Duquesne & Fordham
    • Win vs. St. Louis (we're due)
    • Two surprise wins vs. the rest

    That makes 8-10. I'd still be overjoyed with 7-11 and absolutely ecstatic with 9-9 or better.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2017
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  6. TweederGMU

    TweederGMU Starter

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    5-13 in the A-10 this year.

    Need consistent scoring and depth in order to compete.... 2 things we do not have this season.

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