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Mason Men win A-10 Soccer Championship

Discussion in 'George Mason Basketball' started by ArrozBlanco, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. ArrozBlanco

    ArrozBlanco Specialist

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  2. Leesburg Chankenstank III

    Leesburg Chankenstank III All-American

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  3. gmuEX

    gmuEX Preferred Walk-On

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    Way to show those A10 SOB's how we do it
  4. polepino

    polepino Starter

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    Falls church,va
    That IS awesome! Congrats and way to make a splash in the A-10.

    I haven't been following college soccer too closely but does anyone know how the A-10 is comparatively to the CAA in this sport? I remember hearing briefly about it a while back but can't remember. Is it a step up or pretty even?
  5. GMUgemini

    GMUgemini Hall of Famer

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    Fairly on par, but slightly below at this point. SLU had a bit of a disappointing season overall and found themselves left out. They are usually nationally competitive in soccer.

    VCU and GMU will continue to be strong just by virtue of being in a fairly soccer mad region of the country.

    Look at the following recent CAA teams in the NCAA tournament this season:

    W&M, Drexel, Delaware, GMU, ODU, VCU. That's half the old conference right there.

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