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Mason Memorabilia

Discussion in 'George Mason Basketball' started by dr. gunnie, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. gmujim92

    gmujim92 Hall of Famer

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    I just finished painting my daughter’s room and can confirm, painting is indeed the worst. Can’t imagine doing it for a living.
  2. mkaufman1

    mkaufman1 Moderator Staff Member

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    oh good- I know my wife and I want to paint for my daughter's arrival. Can't wait. :sadtongue:
  3. Haxormax

    Haxormax Starter

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    huh. never thought I'd see the day! Yeah gmu has given us nothing to be happy about in a long time.
  4. JPgmuswim

    JPgmuswim Starter

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    I’m not interested in them but how do you end up with Hernandez’s game shorts?

    There was a guy that would always end up with our team clothes so he had extra pairs and to this day 20+ years later we always mess with him about it if anyone is missing something.
  5. dr. gunnie

    dr. gunnie Hall of Famer Staff Member

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    Central Illinois
    Let's just say a former assistant coach was very kind to me.
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