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Mason Memorabilia

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by The Great PATSby, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. patriot2000

    patriot2000 Starter

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    There's still a nice selection on eBay; not as much as like 2006-2011, but you can find stuff. I may have some stuff for you but I am in the middle of finishing my basemebt and won't know for sure what I'm willing to part with for another 1-2 months

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  2. GMUNats31

    GMUNats31 Recruit

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    Cool, I bought a few things on eBay just now. Thanks everyone!
  3. GMUSig03

    GMUSig03 All-Conference

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    Can get Otis' autograph after any home game - just venture down to the first row of seats behind the team bench.

    You could also just mail whatever you want autographed to the athletic department with a self addressed, stamped return envelope.

    There are also typically 2 players doing autographs on the concourse after games.
  4. mkaufman1

    mkaufman1 All-Conference

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