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It's coming - UMKC won't play in Seattle for fear of virus

Discussion in 'George Mason Basketball' started by jessej, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. jessej

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    University of Missouri-Kansas City will not play its road game at Seattle this weekend due to concerns over coronavirus, the Western Athletic Conference announced Wednesday.

    Chicago State already determined Tuesday night it wouldn't play its scheduled road games at Seattle and Utah Valley this week, while its women's team would not host its scheduled games against the same opponents.

    "While disappointed that the situation has evolved as it has, I fully respect the right of any member institution to determine what it believes to [be] in the best interest of its student-athletes," WAC commissioner Jeff Hurd said. "From a conference standpoint, the necessary adjustments will be made according to NCAA policy in order to bracket the conference tournament scheduled for March 11-14 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas."

    The WAC added that "all other conference events will proceed as scheduled."

    At this point, these are the only three men's Division I games being canceled.
  2. Mason32

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    Can they just cancel the rest of Mason's season?
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