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Heart Over Height: Tempchin Welcomes Challenge of Division I Basketball

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Washingtonian, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Washingtonian

    Washingtonian Hall of Famer

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    With no scholarship money and limited playing time in games, a walk-on makes his mark in practice, where digesting the scouting report and challenging the team's starters and key reserves in reps is vital to a team's overall success.

    It may be a thankless job, but Mason student-athletes and coaches are thankful that Tempchin is around to push the Patriots as they prepare for the 2018-19 season.

    "A lot of what Jack does won't show up in a box score, but every person in our program knows the value he provides," head coach Dave Paulsen said. "He's a great teammate and our guys love him and respect him. He fits in seamlessly and embodies the values we try to teach here at Mason."
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  2. Patriotsince81

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    At the Open House last week I was happy to see that Tempchin, Diclementi, and Garrett were all still part of the team. Add Logan Samuels this year. One more indicator that Paulsen continues to do the right thing. Many coaches would have cast off all the walk-ons once the scholarship roster filled out. Go Mason.
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  3. jessej

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    Nowadays most caches understand the strategic value of the walk ons, even if the main goal is to improve the Team GPA. I hope some of those guys get some form of a scholarship at some point for their efforts and reward.
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  4. GreenLantern

    GreenLantern All-American

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    Classy article. Paulsen has gone so far to restore this program to what it should be. Makes me even more jazzed for the season ahead.
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  5. psyclone

    psyclone All-Conference

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