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GMU: Where Construction is Tradition

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Yossarian, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. Walter

    Walter All-American

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    I am usually very critical of the design of buildings on the Fairfax campus, but this I like.
  2. MasonSAE4

    MasonSAE4 Starter

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    We’ll see. I have watched the videos. Unconvinced. Might just be making one trade for another in orientation vs. sightline.

    That being said I really wish we had some more quad space. North plaza doesn’t count. Way too narrow. If we’re knocking down buildings I’d prefer to build them on surface parking. Build a deck to accommodate loss of space. But the campus core is too dense for my liking.
  3. Vurbel

    Vurbel Hall of Famer

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    Forget academics! Build a new arena in the middle of campus! :superhappy:
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  4. Pikapppatri8

    Pikapppatri8 Hall of Famer

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    Tag them from behind then bounce.
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