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GMU alumna wins role in award-winning musical ‘Hamilton’

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Washingtonian, Aug 22, 2016.

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    A George Mason University alumna is set to play an important element of history in the Tony and Grammy award-winning Broadway musical “Hamilton.”

    Sasha Hollinger, Class of 2009, is cast in an ensemble role that’s come to be known as “the bullet.”

    “I play the bullet that shot Alexander Hamilton,” she said. “It’s not a lead character, but there is a moment when you stand out.

    “The moment when I become the bullet is essentially a moment frozen in time, I make my way across the stage very slowly while Hamilton is speaking, basically all of the thoughts going through his head in this last second of his life.… I make the journey with intention as a real bullet would.”

    She’s also on stage for most of the 46-plus songs in the show, dancing and singing as part of the story.
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    And she is mighty easy to look out - well done!

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