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Game 14: AT University of Rhode Island, Saturday, December 30th, 4 PM, Atlantic 10 Network

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by Washingtonian, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. MasonSAE4

    MasonSAE4 Starter

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    Yeah we know how much everyone values your opinion around here.
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  2. Jack Strop

    Jack Strop Sixth Man

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    Why don't you and your little triumvirate go visit Brad and tell him your thoughts? Once you have wrapped up a productive meeting with Brad then you can report back to all of us on your findings and tell us what Brad thinks of your concerns and recommendations. Why do you have to rely on us to apply pressure on Mr. Edwards?

    Go now... and don't come back to this subject until you have prepared your report.
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  3. PoorManProfit

    PoorManProfit Starter

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    Arlington, VA
    You mean "Big Balls Brad" as you blind homers refer to him as? That dope couldn't even get anyone to take the job, but everyone was wearing knee pads for him because he got a guy to leave a Patriot League school. I blame BBB more than DP. Good news for BBB, and G Mas, is that the local pro football team will probably hire him as GM in short order.
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  4. mason lawyer

    mason lawyer Sixth Man

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    It's completely unreal that people think he will be successful here just because he won some games in the patriot league. Hes not a10 level coach or a a10 level recruiter. He's a worse hire for the program than Hewitt.
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  5. FreeGunston12

    FreeGunston12 Sixth Man

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    If you are going to criticize our guys, at least be accurate.
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