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Game 12: GMU (6-5 / 2-3) vs Rhode Island (6-7 / 3-3) on Saturday, January 16, at 2PM.

Discussion in 'George Mason Basketball' started by Patriotsince81, Jan 14, 2021.

  1. mkaufman1

    mkaufman1 Moderator Staff Member

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    Yeah its certainly an interesting question. One that I'm glad we won't find out. :crazytongue:
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  2. PoorManProfit

    PoorManProfit All-Conference

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    Arlington, VA
    They’d be middle to bottom CAA.
  3. KAOriginal

    KAOriginal All-American

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    Maybe if we got fringe A10 guys while being in the CAA we would be closer to be a power player in conference.

    But having a bunch of fringe players and a bunch of CAA recruits in the A10..gets you what we got..mediocre records and a bunch of short stays in the A10 tournament.
  4. GMUgemini

    GMUgemini Hall of Famer

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    I don't really care. I much prefer being in the A-10 than what the CAA is right now, crappy as our place is within it right now.

    Six seasons from now, I hope we can stop making this hypothetical. I also hope to get out of the "kick them out of the conference" discussions when talking about how to improve the A-10.
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