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Game 10: GMU (5-4 / 1-2) vs Richmond (8-3 / 2-1) on Saturday, January 9, at noon.

Discussion in 'George Mason Basketball' started by Patriotsince81, Jan 7, 2021.

  1. FreeGunston12

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    Honestly, I think the issues would remain. You see lesser talented rosters still able to at least run through the motions of a well-designed offense.

    No cuts. No off-ball screens. And if you pause the game at any point, you're equally likely to see Calixte or Oduro with the ball 25 feet from the basket as you are to see anyone in a threatening position.
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  2. Dawgs99

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    I mentioned this the other day, I thought with DP we would see some good offensive sets at least. So not only can he not recruit, but his resume of being good at the X's & O's hasn't panned out either. I also thought he would recruit some guys who could shoot.....again hasn't really panned out.

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