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Dave Paulsen

Discussion in 'George Mason Basketball' started by GMURaider, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. Pablo

    Pablo Hall of Famer

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    "146. Dave Paulsen (George Mason) (Last year: 145)
    • Overall record: 216-176
    Paulsen is a talented head coach who’s already on his fifth gig, leading Williams to a D3 title before winding up at Bucknell. Two NCAA Tournaments later, he took the George Mason job in 2015 and is in the midst of a grueling task to turn things around. His Patriots have been winning games but were just 12th place in the A-10 this past season, leaving plenty of work left for Paulsen and his staff in the tough mid-major league."
  2. DJ3

    DJ3 All-American

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    Seems like a fair assessment. I'm surprised he only dropped one spot after a 12th place finish though.
  3. Patriotsince81

    Patriotsince81 All-American

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    200 maybe. Past success at lower levels has not continued.
  4. mkaufman1

    mkaufman1 Moderator Staff Member

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    My .02

    Really hard to rank coaches because you don't have a level playing field across the board. That said, I know that list had Steve Pikiell rated 13/14 in the Big Ten. To rate someone who took probably the worst power 5 basketball program and turn them into a good basketball team means you probably should be ranked a little higher. If it's anyone who can do more with less its him. Him and Dave are very similar in how they carry themselves, but it seems as if Pikiell has figured things out more so while Dave has not been able to.

    That said, Dave probably is about a middle of the road basketball coach. You can do a lot worse, but you can do better. We'll see if he continues to struggle at the A10 level.

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