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Bill Rohland Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'George Mason Basketball' started by mhAdmin, Sep 2, 2020.

  1. mhAdmin

    mhAdmin Administrator Staff Member

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    Alexandria, VA
    Legendary George Mason play by play man and broadcaster Bill Rohland has posted on Twitter recently about his fight against cancer. After his diagnosis and initial surgery, he is now recovering and awaiting chemo treatments.

    Bill is a personal friend of many of us here on the boards, so I figured - why not cheer him up with some appreciation of the guy he is and what he's accomplished! Leave him a supportive note and we'll make sure he sees it!

    Bill has started a YouTube channel during the pandemic with a show called "The Drop-In":
    Watch and subscribe!

    Who can forget this iconic call from the Mason vs. UConn game:
  2. Petey Buckets

    Petey Buckets Starter

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    I'm not just blowing smoke here - Bill is *really* good at what he does. As a Mason basketball junkie going on fifteen years now, there have been countless Tuesday night noncon games against Little Sisters of the Poor that aren't on TV. Bill's call is always fantastic way to follow. He's got a great feel for the moment as a broadcaster and just the right amount of homerism + barely concealed rage that helps him identify with fans. We take him for granted because he's been around so long, but I've listened to a lot of other teams' calls and they're absolute trash. We're lucky to have him. Kick cancer's ass Bill!
  3. FreeGunston12

    FreeGunston12 Starter

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    I second this. And I've always been amazed at what Bill is able to do solo. George Mason's call of the game is always twice as good as opponents with half the crew. Bill has deserved some better help for a long time. I hope he gets it after beating this thing! A true professional and staple of Mason basketball.


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    Bill is so good at what he does.

    He's dragged me along over the years for some of his gigs at WJFK and Baltimore and at Mason. I've never been afraid to speak in public, but Bill is just a master at his craft. I couldn't do what he does with 20 years of practice.

    I remember one time, I think while he was doing WGMU or regular radio for a Mason game, he was drafted up to do regular TV or radio or whatever 20 minutes before tip-off.

    That left me and Matt Young to call the game. We sounded like Beavis and Butthead and just butchered it. It was hilarious...but very, very sad.

    Thats what would happen if you took Bill away from Mason games. Sure, there's plenty of competent play by play people, but absolutely no one could possibly combine his play by play talents with his love of Mason and knowledge of Mason hoops.

    He is a local treasure and a good friend of mine. Put me firmly in the camp of those who hope he DOES NOT die.
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    but one time I did beat him in seven seconds in Nintendo wrestling as Kurt angle.

    So in some ways he does kind of suck
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  6. mkaufman1

    mkaufman1 Moderator Staff Member

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    Now being an out of state fan I always look forward to listening to Bill on the radio over the NBCSN or Stadium announcers. While he is a Mason grad/fan, he truly captures the game as a neutral broadcaster but gives a very natural tilt to Mason. I'm rooting for him and hope to see him broadcasting games and covering the program very soon.
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  7. Jack Strop

    Jack Strop Starter

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    Alexandria • Virginia
    Didn't Mason play P.U.? Or perhaps that's how bad the play-by-play was... I can't remember. I do remember hearing that game and saying, "WTF was that?!?!l"

    I listened to Bill Rohland and his co-host wayyyy, wayyyyy back in the 90's (who was his partner?). That was when you could listen in on WDCT (formerly WEEL) 1310 AM broadcast from a small studio scrunched between McDonalds and The American Legion Little League Baseball field in Fairfaxr City. Later, the station transformed to a Korean format, but they still hosted the games.

    I used to love rushing back to my car after a home game and listening to Bill's post game show on the radio all the way up to I495 before it faded out. For away games I set up a fancy antenna are tuned in from Old Town Alexandria. It usually came in well enough.

    Thanks Bill for your superb effort to broadcast just about every game that I could not see in-peraon. You were always welcomed into my home while I cheered on the Patriots.

    I remember once I tuned into a UMD game to listen to them lose (sadly, they didn't). Johnny Holliday was the play-by-play man. He is supposed to be a broadcasting legend. I was unimpressed. He was so boring and said nothing of substance. If JH is a legend then you, Bill, are a god. You always were entertaining and inciteful. Thanks Bill!
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  8. mason89

    mason89 Starter

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    Before making enough money to be able to afford entry into the Gold Room, I would sit in my car and listen to Bill's (and his predecessor Byron Kerr's) pre-game report while scarfing down a Wendy's burger before going into the Pat Dome. After the game I'd wait in the parking lot for a bit to listen to the post game knowing I'd lose the signal at some point heading down Braddock Rd. back to Alexandria.

    It's hard to believe Bill's been around GMU basketball as long as he has. Hopefully it continues for many years to come. Get well soon, Bill!

  9. gmujim92

    gmujim92 Hall of Famer

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    Can’t say enough good things about Bill. We were in school at the same time, and I briefly tried radio but he makes it look much easier than it actually is.

    There have been times over the past 28 years where his play-by-play was the most professional aspect of our program. Hope he kicks cancer’s ass and is back behind the mic for a great 20-21 season.
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